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Rather than fill this page with links easily found in a search engine, here are a few obscure and not-so-obscure links of particular interest to me.

  • Buffalo Days: A site I designed and maintain for my brother-in-law and his wife depicting images of her Plains Indian beadwork reproductions.
  • Burlington Presbyterian Church: My wife and I were married by Rod MacDonald, the pastor of the Burlington Presbyterian Church in Burlington, Massachusetts, and his wife, Cathy MacDonald. We met many wonderful people while attending this church, and I was privileged to serve as a member of the church's Session.
  • DCPI: A web page I initiated (but now maintained by current employees) detailing an advanced performance analysis tool that I worked on while at Compaq.
  • Diamondback Saloon: My wife and I enjoy country music dancing, particularly at the Diamondback Saloon, one of the best places to go country music dancing in southeastern Michigan.
  • FEZhead: An web page for distributing Open Source software. I wrote the site as well as much of the code.
  • Hammond Castle: Once the home of John Hays Hammond, Jr. this North American castle is now a musuem and where my wife and I had our wedding and reception.
  • Parallel Performance Project: A web page I initiated (but now maintained by current students) detailing the research accomplishments of Professor Edward S. Davidson's research group at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.